V-Blade Mandoline Food Slicer

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Meet Your New Favorite Kitchen Tool: The V-Blade Mandoline Vegetable Slicer!

One of the most versatile and effective slicers you can own, our stainless steel food slicer allows you to easily prep food for your favorite recipes and healthy snacks. Newly updated with safety features chefs love, no kitchen is complete without this tool! 

– Features:

  • Handle and legs make it easy and safe to use.
  • Super sharp blades make slicing, grating, dicing and faster than ever.
  • Interchangeable blades make it easy to go from one project to the next without any hassle.
  • Sturdy construction makes our Mandoline Slicer safer and easier to use than other products on the market.

The V-Blade Mandoline Food Slicer reduces food preparation time up to 50% and makes perfectly uniform cuts! Move quickly from one food to the next by changing inserts easily. Grocery Art Adjustable Mandoline Slicer cuts potatoes for french fry, slices cabbage, cucumber onion etc. This V-blade Mandolin includes 5 interchangeable blades for creating professional-looking dish.

Sturdy and Practical Design. Heavy-duty frame is made of premium 18/8 thick stainless steel. All inserts have sharp blades. Be sure, that our Kitchen Mandoline Slicer is durable and solid.

– How to use it?
There is no need to replace any blades. All thickness and shape adjustments are achieved with the turning of knobs. The bottom knob can be rotated to change the shape of the blades. The middle knob can be slid to shred the vegetables thickly or thinly. The top knob has 4 different gears, pull out the knob and rotate it, you can change the thickness of the food as your want.

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